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Children of the Longhouse


by Joseph Bruchac

Mass Market Paperback

Published by Puffin Books, 1996

  150 pages

ISBN # 0140385045

Price: $4.99



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Children of the Longhouse for the late elementary to middle-school student is about the Iroquois Nations along the East Coast in colonial times. Overshadowing the joyful celebration of the month of the Strawberries is the devil-may-care attitude of young Iroquois warriors. 

Children of the Longhouse has a good balance of the adventurous tale of the young warriors with interesting cultural details about growing up Iroquois.  Joseph Bruchac helps youngsters understand how tribal ways contribute to today’s understanding of Iroquois ways.  One interesting example is about the ladle with a wooden handle.  This drinking cup with the symbol of the clan on the ladle is a prized gift.  When a youngster is old enough to venture from the longhouse on his own, he is receives a drinking scoop with a handle. The ladle enables him to dip water and drink from a scoop, remaining vigilant for an enemy instead of putting himself in danger by bending to drink from a spring or river.

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