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Janet Ollila Colberg and Steve Colberg

    Greetings from Janet and Steve Colberg.

Janet and Steve ColbergWe met and married in  Minneapolis, Minnesota and served as Peace Corps volunteers in Afghanistan. Our sons Jason and Joshua grew up in Helena, Montana.  They attended Helena schools and graduated from Montana State University.  Now both live in Seattle.

Janet was a school nurse for 25 years, RN, licensed professional counselor and an author with a masters degree in human services.  She now owns a small publishing company, Summer Kitchen Press.

Steve was a physicist in earlier years, then worked as a statistician and computer analyst for the State of Montana with a masters degree in  statistics.  He now owns a web design business,,  a hosting business,, and an internet site selling Montana products,

This web site arises from our joint interests and the expectation that we can help you get the books and information you need. Our interests are  people, health counseling, travel, writing, photography, publishing, computers and web-page design.

All orders are subject to inventory limits.  Contact us for volume discounts..

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