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Anger Free: Ten Basic Steps to Managing Your Anger


by W. Doyle Gentry

Published by William Morrow, 1999

  211 pages

ISBN # 0688175872

Price: $12.00



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Submissiveness, belligerence, hyperactivity and acting out in children may signal a "toxic" level of anger in the family. Anger-Free: Ten Basic Steps to Managing Your Anger is a great book for self-discovery. W. Doyle Gentry writes from a personal point of view.  "Doyle" confessions appear as sidebars interspersed throughout the book. 

Entertaining and affirming anecdotes show Doyle's comfort level with anger.  In one example Doyle writes, "I have learned a lot about how to live a stress-free life from my basset hound, Arthur. It is quite simple.  You rest throughout the day.  You take long, unhurried walks. You engage in playful antics. You speak to your neighbors. You show gratitude for every bone tossed your way. You 'invite' everyone to love you. And you stay in close physical contact with human beings.  It must work. Arthur rarely gets angry."

Each chapter of Anger-Free is filled with sensible advice. Doyle's parting comment is, "Read this book, then come and discuss how to help yourself!"  Spoken in the true sense of a self-help guru! I keep a supply of these books to give away. The world needs less anger.

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