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... Shahla Arsala, Afghan Widow, Mother, Teacher and Co-Founder of Afghan Widows Association International, continues:

“... Allah’s Orphans took me back to the old days, the good old days, the days when my family and I took trips to Logar where my father inherited land.  We had a river flowing next to our Qala, a compound with high walls around it, with a beautiful garden inside. I personally enjoyed the company of the village people, so honest and pure, down to earth.

This book is about my homeland and its real people.  Allah’s Orphans will tell people that the Afghans did not have a violent life in the past. In peace, no matter what level of comfort they were living in, they were good, decent, proud, kind and humane.  They are still the same people but the ugly war of 23 years and current media have hidden these qualities in descriptions of terrorists and criminals.

I know Allah’s Orphans will help Afghans.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and passion to write this warm, touching book.”

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