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This on-line book store is brought to you by and Summer Kitchen Press We are like the "mom and pop" store

This Helpbooks site is designed

First, for helping professionals ...counselors, nurses, teachers, church workers, doctors, librarians, administrators, coaches, social workers, psychiatrists, and parents ...and for teens.  Some books are appropriate for self-help.

Also, there are many books to help you enjoy life by reading about travel, cooking, adventure, crafts and more fun.

on the corner that cannot compete with WalMart and the other big stores in volume or  inventory, but we can give personalized service.

Helpbooks offers FREE Shipping in the U.S.

We started with a selection of books under the topics of Health, Counseling and Teens...additional topics have been added to match your needs. Contact us to request other books not listed on this internet web site.  Also, Summer Kitchen Press can help you publish your book.

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